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How Many Pro Sports Teams Does Serena Williams' Daughters Own?

Serena Williams has positioned herself for a lifetime of success. However, as a mother, her children’s well-being also defines true victory. Williams and her husband, Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian, have two daughters: Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., who is now 6 years old and was born on Sept. 1, 2017, and Adira River Ohanian, born in August 2023. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) Early on, Williams and Ohanian began making moves to establish wealth for their daughters. When Olympia was 2 years old, she made history as the youngest professional sports team owner. As AFROTECH™ previously reported, she became part-owner of the women’s soccer team Angel City FC (Los Angeles, CA), along with her parents. “As someone who spends hours kicking around a football with my two-year-old daughter, I want her to have a front-row seat to this revolution,” Ohanian said in a National Women’s Soccer League news release at the time. “I’m personally investing on...

Jun 10, 2024

At Age 16, Serena Williams Learned To Manage 'Huge Checks' From A Puma Deal On Her Own, ‘Empowered’ By Her Father

Serena Williams learned money management early on in her teens. Thanks to her father, Richard, Serena has received a wealth of knowledge to apply to the business landscape. In fact, during an interview on Bloomberg Originals’ “The Deal” podcast, hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Jason Kelly, she recalls receiving substantial checks from companies including Puma. Per Andscape, Serena had reportedly received $13 million over a five-year period with the apparel brand. What’s more, the task of managing those earnings fell entirely on her. “Literally, my first checks from whether it was Puma, like I got these huge checks. [My dad], he’s like, you figure it out. We had to figure it out,” Serena said on the podcast. “I’m literally living at his house in the bedroom next to Venus. I was 16 and he’s like, you know, most parents, you know, they take your money. They take something. But you know, he’s like, ‘You figure it out.’ And so I remember having to figure that out and having to learn how to...

Jun 4, 2024

Serena Williams Had $94.8M In Prize Earnings During Her Tennis Career, But At One Point She Would Forget To Pick Up Her Checks

It was never about the money for tennis legend Serena Williams. During an interview on Bloomberg Originals’ “The Deal” podcast hosted by Alex Rodriguez and Jason Kelly, she recalls forgetting to pick up her award checks after winning tournaments, necessitating friendly reminders from her accountant. “When I started tennis, first of all, I’m from Compton, CA, and I remember playing on these courts, and my life was great. I never felt like I needed anything. So for me, money was never a motivation,” Williams told the hosts. “I remember when I first started, back in the day, they used to write out checks after you won your tournament. And I would always forget to get the checks. And so at the end of the year they would always have to say, ‘Serena, we have all these checks for you.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ And at the time, I had an accountant who would be like, ‘Serena. They sent me all these checks that you would forget to get from the tournaments.'”   Instead, Williams was more focused...

May 13, 2024

After Missing Out On Investing In Facebook, Airbnb, And Google, Serena Williams Went On To Invest In 16 Billion-Dollar Companies

Not having a chance to invest in major players in tech ultimately catapulted Serena Williams into the investment ring. During an interview on Bloomberg’s “The Deal,” Williams recalls a time in her tennis journey when she could have faced less pressure to win on the court if she had placed dollars in companies such as Facebook, Airbnb and Google — all companies valued at more than $100 billion today. “Tennis is all sponsor based, and I would see like some of these sponsors come up, but I’m like, ‘Well I have some little cash, like how did I not invest in Facebook? How can I invest in Airbnb or how did I miss Google? Or like, you know, all these companies,'” Williams said on “The Deal.” “ And I started to ask these questions like, ‘Why am I out here breaking my neck and sweating when I could have invested in these companies and I could still be doing the same thing, but it wouldn’t have to be such dire needs, ‘I’ve gotta win this U.S. Open this year. I’ve gotta pay these bills.’ So, I...

May 3, 2024

Michael Jordan Adds Serena Williams And Michael Strahan To The Cincoro Tequila Ownership Team

NBA legend Michael Jordan is enlisting a team of athletic superstars as co-owners of his award-winning tequila company. In a press release shared with AFROTECH™, the NBA Hall of Famer has tapped Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, and a host of other athletes and sports enthusiasts as investors in his award-winning portfolio of luxury tequilas, Cincoro Tequila. “Cincoro has always been special to me because of the authentic friendships we’ve established around enjoying Cincoro and spending time together, designing it, experiencing it, and tasting it. We are constantly striving for greatness,” Jordan, co-founder of Cincoro Tequila, said. “And now that we’re welcoming in some of my closest friends to the business, I’m looking forward to this next era of Cincoro alongside this all-star team.” The company’s new ownership group, Team Cincoro, also includes RedBird Capital Partners Founder and Managing Partner Gerry Cardinale; The Lerner Family, owners of the Washington Nationals; former NFL...

May 2, 2024

Elaine Welteroth Founds Birth Fund With Serena Williams' Backing To Pay Costs For Midwifery Care For Families

Journalist and TV host Elaine Welteroth and tennis-champion-turned-entrepreneur Serena Williams have joined forces to address the alarming maternal mortality crisis in the United States. In April 2024, a Time op-ed from the two mother powerhouses was released in alignment with Black Maternal Health Week. Williams has been open about her first childbirth in 2017 being life-threatening and causing her to undergo four surgeries afterward. Moreover, Welteroth has shared her own experience of feeling unsafe with doctors after becoming pregnant in 2021 — leading her in the direction of midwifery care, which she described as “the best decision I ever made,” per a previous Time piece. Now, the two are taking a step further than just raising awareness. According to the latest Time article, Welteroth has founded Birth Fund, a coalition that works to support families in the U.S. who can’t afford the out-of-pocket costs of midwifery care. The mission behind Birth Fund initially started in...

Apr 12, 2024

Serena Williams Has Invested In 14 Companies That Have Gone On To Reach Unicorn Status, A Value Of $1B Or More

Serena Williams’ legacy extends far beyond her greatness on the tennis court. Following her retirement in September 2022, Williams focused more of her attention on the investment arena. With over a decade of investment experience, she took a pivotal step in 2014 by establishing Serena Ventures, a venture capital fund specifically designed to champion women and underrepresented founders, according to its LinkedIn profile. “I invest in a lot of companies, early companies, and I’ve always done this. I’ve actually been investing for over 14 years and just been an entrepreneur while I was playing tennis. It’s super important for me to make a plan B while I was doing my plan A,” Williams explained in a TikTok video. The VC endeavor resulted from Williams discovering the evident absence of venture capital directed toward certain demographics, which prompted her to become a vessel for change. As noted on its website, the company’s portfolio comprises 79% underrepresented founders, 54% women...

Apr 4, 2024

Serena Williams' Daughter Becomes Youngest Owner Of 2 Professional Sports Teams

Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. has made history once again!

Jun 9, 2023

Venus And Serena Williams Made 'Miami Dolphins History' As Minority Owners In 2009 — Today, The Team's Said To Be Worth $4.6B

While Venus and Serena Williams have made sports history on the tennis court, they’ve also made history beyond it. AfroTech previously reported the sisters were the first Black women to become minority investors in an NFL team after securing a stake in the Miami Dolphins.

Jun 1, 2023

Serena Williams Recalls Taking Her First Million-Dollar Check Right To The Bank — 'Just Put It In My Account'

Most people envision how exactly they’re going to spend their first big check once they receive it. In Serena Williams’ case, it was the opposite situation.

May 25, 2023

Serena Williams Launches Production Company 926 Productions To Amplify Women And Diverse Storytellers

Serena Williams retired from tennis, but she hasn’t let up on putting fuel to the fire of her ventures.

Apr 18, 2023

SoLo Funds Becomes First Black-Owned Personal Finance Platform With One Million Registered Users

SoLo Funds seems to have a lot to celebrate. According to a press release shared with AfroTech, it is now the first Black-owned personal finance platform to reach over one million registered users.

Feb 28, 2023

25-Year-Old Naomi Osaka Made An Estimated $51.1M In 2022, And Only $1.1M Came From Tennis

Naomi Osaka being inspired by Serena Williams, along with the 23 Grand Slam singles champion’s guidance, is coming full circle.

Dec 22, 2022

Serena Williams Bets On The Multi-Billion Dollar Topical Pain Relief Market With A New Company

Who better than Serena Williams to help other athletes through their physical recovery?

Dec 9, 2022