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Jaylen Brown Was In An MIT Robotics Session When He Secured The Largest Contract In NBA History

NBA player Jaylen Brown was once labeled “too smart” to join the very league he would go on to earn a historic contract with. Athlon Sports reports Brown graduated Wheeler High School in Marietta, GA, at the top of his class. He accomplished this while excelling on the basketball court. He was a first team All-American and top-five national high school prospect, his NBA bio reads. Between 2015 and 2016, Brown continued his studies at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), while playing for its basketball team. However, he was not satisfied with the freshman courses they offered him, which were not challenging enough, The New York Times reports. He swapped out some of his classes to take on African American Studies, an upper-division class from the Global Poverty and Practice minors program, and a graduate course titled “Theoretical Foundations for the Cultural Studies of Sport and Education,” which he had learned about through Hashim Ali, co-founder of the Oakland...

Jun 20, 2024

Stephen Jackson Received His Jordan Brand Contract In His Locker After Wearing Protege Shoes That Nearly Ended His Career

Michael Jordan had an unconventional way of signing Stephen Jackson. In 2009, Jackson joined the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Charlotte Hornets) and had a debut averaging 21.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 1.6 steals in 39.3 minutes across 72 games, the Basketball Network reports. That year, the team appeared in the NBA postseason for the first time. In 2010, Jackson received mentorship from Jordan, who had acquired majority team ownership the same year. As AFROTECH™ previously reported, the former owner, Bob Johnson, had sold his stake for a reported $275 million, ESPN noted, while The Charlotte Observer stated it was $180 million. “I come out of the game, I’m asking him, he’s telling me certain stuff that he sees that I should do…,” Jackson said, according to the Basketball Network. “ How many people can say that? How many people can say that they’re sitting on a sideline with MJ?” Beyond guidance, Jordan also helped save Jackson’s playing career. During an “All The Smoke”...

Jun 18, 2024

The Dallas Mavericks Is The Only NBA Team With A Black CEO And GM At Its Helm

Representation matters. This concept becomes increasingly important for marginalized groups. As the world evolves and there is still much work to be done, great strides are being made, as evidenced by the Dallas Mavericks’ leadership team. Emerging as potential NBA champions after winning the Western Conference Finals, the Mavericks are under the dynamic leadership of Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall, the league’s first Black woman CEO, and Nico Harrison, a trailblazer as the team’s general manager. This Texas-based team stands out in the NBA as the only one with two Black leaders at its helm, a testament to their unique achievements. Cynt Marshall Marshall is an accomplished executive. She spent over 35 years at AT&T, with her final tenure as senior vice president of human resources and chief diversity officer. Upon retiring from the mobile tech company, she launched Marshalling Resources, a consulting firm specializing in leadership, diversity and inclusion, culture transformation, and the...

Jun 6, 2024

NBA Player Kyrie Irving Signs His Father As The First Signature Athlete To His ANTA Shoe Line

Kyrie Irving is creating wealth for his father, who has a basketball background through his time at Boston University and in a professional league in Australia. Industry sources confirmed to Shams Charania, senior NBA Insider for The Athletic, that Irving will be signing his father, Drederick, to an endorsement deal with ANTA, a China-based sportswear brand. This also means his father will receive his own signature shoe, marking a first for a professional athlete to provide. Drederick Irving’s shoes are projected to debut as early as September 2024 across Foot Locker stores, a source mentions. Kyrie Irving’s connection to ANTA is the result of the company signing him to a deal in 2023 after he was dropped from his 11-year endorsement dea l with Nike. Per the outlet, he is ANTA’s chief creative officer as well and has the ability to sign collaborators and endorsers. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shams Charania (@shamsnba) This is not the first time that an NBA player...

Jun 5, 2024

Carmelo Anthony Is Taking His Basketball Skills To Australia As A New Owner In The National Basketball League

Despite retiring from the NBA after an illustrious 19-season career, Carmelo Anthony’s impact on the sport is set to continue in a significant way. According to Andscape, Anthony will become the new ambassador of Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) and owner of one of the league’s future expansion teams. The NBL is the premier basketball league in Australia and New Zealand and currently has 10 teams. While the location of the future expansion team remains a mystery, National Basketball League President Larry Kestelman and Carmelo Anthony are set to forge a strategic partnership to determine the ideal spot for a new team. “He is someone whose vision for the game is global and has influence to help young players actually succeed and get ready for the big stage of the NBA,” Kestelman told the outlet about the deal. “We’re going to work for him to look at the right place, the right team to get involved with, where he can influence a lot of individuals, help them grow, and...

Jun 5, 2024

After A Tumultuous Journey, Jabari Parker Has Garnered A Net Worth Of $20 Million

Former Milwaukee Bucks player Jabari Parker has been in the news a lot lately due to his recent tearful video. The video in question seemingly sees the 29-year-old power forward regretting his decision to play overseas after being bounced around from several NBA teams in the last decade or so. While the video is quite heartbreaking, fans should be happy to learn that Parker’s financial future is still secure regardless of his next career moves. According to Celebrity Net Worth , Jabari Parker has an estimated net worth of over $20 million. So let’s take a moment to examine Jabari Parker’s career, current revenue streams, and any public information regarding his investment portfolio. With any luck, the world-renown star will be able to use his money, influence, and name-recognition to enter into any career or lifestyle path he wishes. Without any further preamble, let’s unpack the life and financial figures of the All American athlete. Parker’s Early Life And Career Origins (Photo by...

Jun 4, 2024

Black Athletes Make Up 50% Of Forbes' 2024 List Of Highest-Paid Sports Professionals

Each year, between the end of spring and the beginning of summer, several professional sports leagues host drafts, giving space to the next batch of athletic superstars who will impact their respective games for years to come. With so much excitement about a new generation of professional athletes, the focus sometimes shifts from player stats and team projections to contracts and partnership deals. But the excitement of new money is largely made possible by the athletes who have some tenure in the game. From rookie expansion contracts to lucrative business deals, athletes are continuing to level up, paving the way for what’s possible in the future. Against this backdrop, Forbes has released its highest-paid athletes list of 2024, and of the 10 players, 50% of those spots are held by Black athletes. Lebron James View this post on Instagram A post shared by 👑 (@kingjames) Lebron James is No. 4 on the list but ranks No. 1 among Black professional athletes. The 39-year-old is currently...

May 24, 2024

Dwyane Wade Shares How Long It Took Him To Learn How To Manage His NBA Earnings As Someone Who 'Never Really Handled More Than $500 At A Time'

Money management can be a learning curve for many athletes, and this was the case for Dwyane Wade. Wade was drafted to the league in 2003, which is viewed as “one of the greatest draft classes in NBA history,” the league mentions. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh were also drafted that year. Wade would make his debut with the Miami Heat as the No. 5 overall draft pick, Sports Illustrated reports. He then signed a three-year contract valued at $8.5 million, to The Palm Beach Post. For Wade, being drafted to the league allowed him to overcome the odds that were stacked against him living in the South Side of Chicago, where he would hear gun shots frequently. At one point, he was being raised by his mother who struggled with addiction and would leave him at home for periods of time, according to Business Insider. When he was 9 he eventually moved to a new neighborhood to be with his father, who had divorced his mother. “[My father] was militant,” Wade shared during an...

May 17, 2024

Chris Paul Was Offered $100K By His Agent When Going To The NBA, But Here's Why His Parents Insisted That He Should Accept $25K

When Chris Paul was drafted to the league he turned down a substantial amount of money. The NBA player had been drafted in 2005 as the No. 4 draft pick by the New Orleans Hornets, Fox News reports. He was just 19 years old at the time. During an interview with Forbes, Paul mentioned he had just $151 in his bank account as a college student at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, when he entered the league. One of his earliest actions was to bring on board a financial advisor, which ultimately resulted in him receiving an upfront offer of $100,000. However, his parents interceded, leading Paul to accept nearly a quarter of the initial offer. “My financial advisor who we hired, they said they would send me $100,000 and my parents said, ‘No that’s too much,'” he told Forbes. During an appearance on “The Shop,” he elaborated further stating, “Y ou know what happened? I was at Wake in Winston. I went to the bank right up the street just so I could see what the statement looked...

May 17, 2024

The Charlotte Hornets Are The Only NBA Team With A Black President, General Manager, Coach, And Assistant General Manager

The Charlotte Hornets are being led by a Black executive team. Following the selling of Michael Jordan’s stake in the team for a reported $3 billion in June 2023 to a group led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall, as previously reported by AFROTECH™, it is undergoing new changes in leadership. On March 5, 2024, Jeff Peterson was hired on as the executive vice president of basketball operations, notes the NBA. Before this role, he had been assistant general manager of the Brooklyn Nets. According to a press release, the team cemented a deal with Dotun Akinwale, who has worked in the NBA for 11 years as an executive, to bring him on as assistant general manager. Prior to the title, he had been promoted to vice president of player personnel for the Atlanta Hawks. On May 9, 2024, Charles Lee, who boasts a decade of experience as an NBA assistant coach joined the team as head coach, leaving the Boston Celtics. “We are excited to welcome Charles Lee as the head coach of Charlotte Hornets,”...

May 17, 2024

Shaquille O'Neal's Big Chicken Restaurant Is Making Its Way To His Home State

Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken is heading to his home state of New Jersey. As previously reported by AFROTECH™, the former basketball-player-turned-serial- entrepreneur became a co-owner of Big Chicken in 2018 and opened the first location in Las Vegas, NV, alongside his friend Matt Silverman and agent Perry Rogers. Since, thanks in part due to its popular menu items including chicken tenders, various chicken sandwiches, crinkle-cut French fries, and mac n’ cheese, the business has proven to be a success and has adopted a franchise model. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 312 Craves (@312craves) Big Chicken signed a 20-unit development deal in partnership with H&D Group Investments to expand to Michigan in 2023, Franchise Times reports . Prior, a 50-unit deal had been signed to open storefronts in Texas, with locations already springing up in the city of Houston and nearby Richmond. It can also be found in California and on Carnival Cruise ships. View this post on...

May 17, 2024

Rajon Rondo Is An All American Success Story, With A 2024 Net Worth Of Over $45 Million

Rajon Rondo is a two-time NBA champion , with some of the most illustrious stats in professional basketball history. Though Rondo is best known for his landmark 8+ years with the Boston Celtics , the Kentucky-born sports legend has played for numerous NBA teams, bouncing around the league between championships before his official retirement in April 2024. Today, Rajon Rondo touts an impressive net worth of over $45 million according to sources , earned mostly through his NBA salary and endorsement deals . Rondo also has several real estate holdings that have boosted his net worth, resulting in the multi-million dollar figure. Unlike many other professional athletes, Rondo has managed to lead a relatively quiet life, banking his cash without engaging in any headline-grabbing extracurriculars or major controversies. Let’s look into the career of Rajon Rondo, and extrapolate data about his impressive net worth from his time on the court. Early Life & Career Beginnings Long before he...

Apr 25, 2024

Authentic Brands Group, With Shaquille O'Neal As Its Second-Largest Shareholder, Agrees To Buy Champion In $1B Deal

Shaquille O’Neal’s Authentic Brands Group (ABG) deal continues to pay off. As AFROTECH™ previously mentioned, O’Neal’s agreement with the brand management company in 2015 allowed the group to profit from his name and likeness in merchandise and endorsements. The Hall of Famer joins its roster of other prominent names such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, and Michael Jackson. “We’re thrilled to have a true business partner in Shaq,” Nick Woodhouse, ABG president and chief marketing officer, told ESPN at the time. “Through his bigger-than-life personality, he has turned himself into one of the strongest sports brands in the world.” In return for signing onto the deal, O’Neal became ABG’s second-largest shareholder, and to date he credits this as his turning point in business. “My Authentic Brands deal, I was able to ensure that hopefully I can stay around after I’m no longer on this earth,” O’Neal explained to AFROTECH™ . “And I was walking down the street one day and...

Apr 24, 2024

Carmelo Anthony Launches A Cannabis Brand That Will Donate A Portion Of Proceeds To A Nonprofit Fighting The War On Drugs

Carmelo Anthony has launched a cannabis brand that will allocate a portion of its profits towards a good cause. Forbes reports the 10-time NBA All-Star player is launching StayMe7o Cannabis under Grand National, a cannabis-focused agency created in partnership with Lowd Cannabis’ CEO and Founder Jesce Horton and Chief Creative Director Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce. Anthony had connected with Horton when he first moved to Portland, OR, through a mutual friend. “We understand what the value proposition is,” Anthony told Forbes . “I grew up on the Grand National car, we just wanted to tap into something that was very timeless, combining the businesses of all three of us and what we bring to the table.” As for his motivation to enter into the cannabis sector, it was a culmination of remaining a student within the industry over several years and firsthand experience for sports recovery purposes. Among his chosen products were tinctures, CBD formulations, and topicals — all tailored to...

Apr 23, 2024

In 3 Years Since Joining The Utah Jazz Ownership Group, Dwyane Wade Has Watched Its Valuation Go From $1.75B To $3.46B

Never underestimate the power of a good hobby! Following his retirement from the NBA, Dwyane Wade, like many greats who have since left the league, picked up a new golfing habit, which ultimately led him to become a minority owner in the NBA team Utah Jazz. According to Boardroom, the move made in 2021 by Wade continues to get better with time. When he initially joined the ownership group, the former Miami Heat star saw the team at a valuation of $1.75 billion. Today that number has increased to $3.46 billion, per an April 16 Instagram post by Boardroom. “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore,” said Wade on social media at the time of the deal. “Second act activated.”   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Boardroom (@boardroom) The Sporting News reports that the deal was made possible thanks to a friendship between the majority owner, Ryan Smith, and Wade that began on the golf course. Smith, a billionaire whose fortune was...

Apr 18, 2024