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Joe Budden Reveals Reasons Why He Walked Away From The Spotify Deal Worth Nearly $20M

Joe Budden knows when it’s time to walk away from things that aren’t in alignment with the brand that he’s worked to build. During an appearance on the Earn Your Leisure podcast, he explained his rise to the top of the podcasting game. He even shared the details that went into his decision to walk away from what seemed like a lucrative deal with Spotify.

Jan 19, 2023

Joe Budden Recalls Jay-Z Allegedly Asking For $250K To Hop On The 'Pump It Up' Remix — 'It Was Outside Of My Budget'

Throughout his longtime music career, Jay-Z’s business ethic has elevated with each era. The OG has reached a new stage in life, where him hopping on track is mostly based on the bond or relationship, as previously reported by AfroTech. “It’s mostly relationships,” he shared with Kevin Hart in a recent interview. “It’s mostly — it’s actually always been mostly relationships. Sometimes it’s talent and sometimes someone asks me to be on some.” According to HYPEBEAST, Joe Budden has recently recalled when he requested him to appear on the “Pump It Up” Remix.

Jul 21, 2022

I'll Name This Net Worth Later: Joe Budden's $6M Total Value Is A Testament To Resilience

Rapper-turned-celebrity podcaster Joe Budden has been teasing a potential return to Hip-Hop after six years of being in retirement. Since officially retiring from the game, Budden has turned down numerous requests to appear on other artists’ tracks — but a cryptic tweet from Benny the Butcher promised to change all of that. 👀…. — Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) August 19, 2021 It’s not clear if this means he’s coming out of retirement. Joe Budden, though, has changed a lot since his days as a rapper. And, in a statement to REVOLT, he said that it was for the best. “When they say you changed, they be saying it like it’s an insult,” he said to the outlet. “Yes, thank the Lord up above. If ya’ll was really in tune with the dude that was talking that s–t, you should’ve been praying for change. It was nuts.” Budden has proven to be both a Hip-Hop elder statesman and an accomplished media producer in his own right. Whatever other missteps he may or may not commit, Budden has earned his stripes —...

Karen Civil & Ming Lee Take Branding to the Next Level as the Masterminds and Hosts of the 'Girl, I Guess' Podcast

What happens when you put two serial entrepreneurs who are also best friends on a network owned by Joe Budden? You get the “Girl, I Guess” podcast. Snob Life owner Ming Lee and founder Karen Civil have come together as besties and colleagues to bring conversations for Black women, by Black women to the culture. With their premiere episode, “Pull Up A Seat. You’re invited,” the co-hosts break the barrier between themselves and the audience to have candid discussion about life, love, business and basically everything in the interim. Since its premiere on Jan. 21, 2021, the podcast has amassed over 80,000 listens on Apple, over 60,000 views on Youtube, and earned itself a spot on the Apple Podcast “New and Newsworthy” trending list. “It was necessary that we be able to express ourselves outside of what they see in beauty, music and entertainment,” Ming Lee told AfroTech about the timeliness and importance of “Girl, I Guess.” “It was important for us to show real...

Feb 4, 2021

Joe Budden Leaves Multimillion-Dollar Spotify Deal on the Table

Rapper and podcaster Joe Budden knows his worth—and that of his chart-topping podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal . On Wednesday (Aug. 26), Budden announced his twice-a-week music podcast would no longer stream on Spotify, reports Pitchfork. He also revealed that the show turned down a multimillion-dollar deal to renew their contract. “It wasn’t a podcast deal,” Budden explained, saying Spotify wanted to own a percentage of hosts Budden, Rory, Mal, and Parks’ projects outside of the show. “September 23rd, I cannot tell you where this podcast will be, but as it stands, I can tell you where it will not be, and that is Spotify.” During Episode 375, titled “Views From The SPOT,” Budden told listeners that the streaming service pillaged their content, as well as loosely considered the team’s need for mental breaks amid the pandemic and family crisis. In addition, Budden felt the podcast—which has secured exclusive interviews with artists like Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, and Chance...

Aug 27, 2020