Travis Scott straight-up turned tech up a notch on Thursday (April 23) when he performed “Astronomical,” a virtual concert on Fortnite.

Over 12 million concurrent players joined the popular online video game to watch the “Astroworld” rapper give an otherworldly concert of hits, including “Sicko Mode.” Scott also debuted a new song, “The Scotts,” featuring his rap namesake, Kid Cudi.

The online show was outfitted in brilliant special effects and theatrics, much like a real-life Cactus Jack show.

A behemoth-sized version of the Missouri City artist appeared at the center of Fortnite’s landscape, stepping over floating rollercoaster tracks, hurling lyrics while submerged underwater and glowing from an electrifying light show. It was more of a completely immersive experience of epic gaming proportions.

Well into the evening, Travis Scott took to Twitter to gush about his accomplishment while giving fans, who are social distancing, a bit of hope for future parties with the star.

“Honestly today was one of the most inspiring days,” he tweeted. “I know times are weird for us. But for one moment to be able to have the ragers to rage where ever you are is amazing.”

This marriage with celebrity star power is not new for the Epic Games platform. In 2018, Drake and professional gamer Ninja played a few matches on Twitch, which broke its record for the most-viewed stream by a single player, says The Verge.

However, Scott’s show may be influential enough to start a trend in the gaming world. For now, fans who missed the event can catch the virtual rage fest during four additional shows. Check the schedule here.