The current pandemic has put a damper on the most memorable moments for high school students. Cutting short the better half of the school year, many high school graduates are adjusting to spending their last moments as senior students virtually.

No in-person goodbyes, graduations, proms, or senior trips. To top it off, incoming college freshmen are navigating choosing schools without final campus visits.

To make this process much easier and trouble-free for high school graduates, College Thoughts is offering to create virtual plans for students to help them effectively prepare for their future.

College Thoughts’ main priority is creating solutions for their students to ensure they attend esteemed universities.

“Our team is dedicated to inspiring students to be authentic and courageous as they search for the right college match and fit,” according to the organization’s website. “The dynamic team at CollegeThoughts brings a wealth of college advising and test preparation experience from educators with more than 20 years in the classroom to college students from elite colleges and universities.”

At this time, College Thoughts is proposing virtual tactics to outline the college planning process including checking for changes in the admission process, researching virtual college tours, connecting with current students online, and applying for scholarships, according to Because of Them We Can.

However, the best solution College Thoughts proposes is planning for the future regardless of the uncertainties it may bring.

College Thoughts is hosting a virtual workshop this Tuesday (4/28).

Visit their Zoom webinar link to register now.