The Gathering Spot, a members-only co-work space and networking hub, has tapped Houston, TX, as the location for its next club.

Founded in 2016, The Gathering Spot (TGS) opened its doors in Atlanta, GA, before adding locations in Washington, D.C., in 2021, and Los Angeles, CA, in 2022. Per its website, Houston is one of TGS’s “connected cities” along with Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Detroit, MI; and Charlotte, NC. These cities are “curated communities that serve as hubs for collaboration” where the company anticipates potentially building future clubs

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Co-founder and CEO Ryan Wilson spent significant time in each of these connected cities before he and his team singled out Houston as “the next best opportunity for us as a community.” Through his visits, the city drew parallels to Atlanta’s blend of big and small businesses.

Regarding the investment, Wilson discussed his confidence in Houston’s potential for company growth.

“We’re walking into a community that’s already been thriving for two years with 350 folks that believe in the mission,” he told the outlet. “We’ll be really proud to join that community with a physical site.”

Although TGS has not solidified a specific building location yet, if all goes according to plan, the club should be up and running by this time next year, Wilson says. 

In addition to announcing the new location, the CEO also acknowledged that it’s been an “interesting” few months for the company.

As AFROTECH™ reported, in December 2023, The Gathering Spot parted ways with its former partner, Greenwood, after several months of disagreements. At the time, Wilson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the intended outcome of the split was to position both companies for success since they both “play an important role in the community.”

Despite the setback, the company is moving forward. Since January 2024 the club has witnessed a rise in membership and hosted notable figures, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“We take serious the responsibility that we have as a community of leveraging all of the good people that have been brought together through The Gathering Spot to do some real good,” Wilson said, per the outlet. “We are in a unique position as an organization to make an impact, and we plan on delivering on what I see as a mandate at this point.”