Like other celebrities who have had enough of censorship on social media platforms, Summer Walker might be throwing in the towel with Instagram too.

Last Thursday (Aug. 26), the R&B singer took to her secondary Instagram account to share with her followers an alternative solution to solve her problems with the visual app, REVOLT reports.

“I’m bout to look into creating a app similar cause this IG shit going to hell,” she wrote in a post before also adding, “idk if I even wanna drop my Galactawhore merch on here….. lol it might go against they “‘guidelines.’”

Walker has ran into some trouble recently with the content she’s posted on her Instagram page, citing her violations against the app’s guidelines after posting several controversial posts online — including anti-vaccination rhetoric.

“I’m done w this app, and really this whole plandemic agenda,” she wrote in a since-deleted post in response to Instagram flagging her content. “It goes against guidelines to say sleep, water, vegetables, exercise, meditation, fasting & yoga is extremely beneficial to your health but an experimental jab is completely fine to recommend.”

She continued her rant writing, “It’s bout to get real bad when it comes to us having basic rights. I be tryna warn everyone for so long, but no one cares. No ever listens to me cause I see sh*t before others can. but this isn’t good, and I’ll leave it.”

Though it’s unclear whether or not Walker will actually follow through on her proposal, she wouldn’t be the first artist to suggest an app boycott to create her own rival platform. Following the news of OnlyFans’ now called-off adult content ban, AfroTech reported that rapper Tyga launched his own version of the platform that will allow any and all content that creators wish to share online — including adult entertainment.

According to his interview with Forbes, he created the platform to give creators hope and another way to continue making money off their unique content without guidelines to block certain things from view. So with the right push and resources, Walker may be able to jack Instagram’s success and take it elsewhere without the fear of censorship. Now, whether that will end up creating a new set of moral problems is yet to be determined.