In the early days of social media, Snoop Dogg didn’t truly see how he could use it to his advantage.

During an appearance on 85 South Comedy Show, he shared that he didn’t look at Instagram as valuable because he believed people posted just about anything.

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin

“Look at this sh-t, I can just post anything … Then I say, ‘Oh wait a minute. I can just post some sh-t I’m selling or some sh-t I want you to show up to, or some sh-t I’m promoting or a positive message, or some sh-t I’m trying to get off.’ Then, I started thinking like a businessman,” Snoop Dogg explained.

Not only did Snoop Dogg start to leverage Instagram for his benefit, but he also learned it was equally as important to be involved with the brands who were benefiting from his exposure.

Around this time, he claims he learned a company scaled to a $100 million valuation after they were promoted on his page.

“Then the n-ggas from Instagram do an interview and say, ‘Hey man, our company was regular until one celebrity got behind it, and then we became a $100 million company. That celebrity was Snoop Dogg,'” he explained.

However, Snoop Dogg admits he didn’t have the same business acumen we see today back then.

Snoop Dogg
Courtesy of Snoop Dogg and Shante Broadus

He continued: “I didn’t have the game to get a piece of the pie … Now we know better. You know better, you do better. So, moving forward to the brothers and sisters out there watching, when you [are] valuable, know your value. Ask for equity. Ask for a piece of the pie. Don’t just take that little snap back that they want to throw you up front. You want a piece of the pie to make sure that you get a piece of it after it continues to grow. If you grew a brand, you should be a part of the brand.”