Reggie Bush has been all over the news in recent weeks after the Heisman Trust announced a formal reinstatement of the NFL legend‘s long-rescinded Heisman Trophy. Bush originally earned Heisman honors in 2005 while attending USC, before having the title stripped from him in a 2010 student athlete reimbursement scandal. Now, many football fans and fellow Heisman winners alike agree that a decades-old wrong has officially been made right, with Reggie Bush expected to attend future Heisman ceremonies as an esteemed alumnus.

Despite the temporary loss of his Heisman honors, Reggie Bush continued to make waves on the field with NFL teams including the Miami Dolphins, the Detroit Lions, and the San Francisco 49ers, among others. Throughout the course of his NFL career, Bush is said to have taken in over $60 million in salary alone, resulting in a net worth of $25 million in 2024, per Celebrity Net Worth. Let’s examine the life and career of Reggie Bush, and analyze the multiple avenues the all-star athlete utilized to expand his generational wealth.

Early Life & College Career

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Reggie Bush was born and raised in Spring Valley, California. His football aspirations started quite young, with Bush serving as a running back on his high school team. Before graduating, Bush received numerous accolades for his field performance, including the Silver Pigskin trophy, and went on to be named a five-star recruit according to In 2003, Reggie Bush was named the number 1 running back in the country as he launched his college career with the USC Trojans on a full athletic scholarship.

Bush quickly established himself as a major threat, racking up dozens of yards in catches, throws, carries, and returns. He quickly achieved status as ESPN Pac-10 Newcomer of the Year, and ranked as a finalist for the 2004 Heisman trophy before unequivocally taking it in 2005. Per ESPN, the Heisman Trust referred to the up-and-coming athlete as “unquestionably… the most outstanding college football player of 2005.”

Why Did Bush Lose The Heisman Trophy?

By January 2006, Reggie Bush had concluded his career with the Trojans and declared himself eligible for the NFL draft. Bush was selected by the New Orleans Saints with the second overall draft pick of the year, to immediate praise from fans across the country. After successfully playing with the saints for 4 seasons, and even assisting the team in achieving their first ever Super Bowl win in January 2010, Bush became the subject of a major NCAA scandal.

According to reports, Bush and several other players at USC violated NCAA rules by accepting benefits and financial rewards for their work on the team. This included thousands in under-the-table compensation and even a gift of a brand new motor vehicle. College athletes were unilaterally barred from receiving financial compensation for their work at this time, resulting in Bush being stripped of his Heisman honors. Bush forfeited the trophy in 2010, just months after earning his first Super Bowl ring.

The NCAA also stripped USC of 14 victories from the 2003-2005 seasons, including one historic game against Oklahoma which made Reggie Bush a household name for college football fans in 2004. For many years, this was seen as a massive black mark on the reputation of the NCAA and the Heisman Trust’s reputations, as many fans and football insiders agree that college athletes should receive compensation for the millions of dollars they bring in with their hard work.

NFL Career

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As stated above, Reggie Bush began his NFL career with the New Orleans Saints during the 2006 season, and continued to play with the team through 2010. Though Bush was an invaluable asset to the team, and instrumental in securing their 2010 Super Bowl win, the team traded him to the Miami Dolphins just a year later. With the Dolphins, Bush continued his hot streak, earning the title of AFC Offensive Player of the Week twice in his first season with the team. In 2013, Bush inked a four-year deal with the Detroit Lions worth over $16 million with a base salary of $4 million guaranteed. While continuing to play at an elite level for the following 4 years, he would never ultimately achieve a second Super Bowl win.

Reggie Bush suffered a nearly career-ending injury in 2015, after signing with the San Francisco 49ers. The injury, which saw Bush out for the entire season with a torn meniscus, was caused by a slip and fall on the so-called “Concrete ring of death” which surrounded the field at the St. Louis Dome at America’s Center. Bush ultimately received a payout of $12.45 million for his injury, after a lawsuit alleged that the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority were criminally negligent for allowing the exposed concrete within proximity to the field. After playing one final season with the Buffalo Bills, Reggie Bush announced his retirement in December, 2017.

Endorsement Deals & Media Career

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Reggie Bush made over $60 million in salary over the course of his NFL career, but that wasn’t his only major stream on income. Bush also vested a number of lucrative sponsorship and brand deals during his time with the National Football League, including collaborations with Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Subway, Adidas, and General Motors. At the height of his career, Bush was second only to Peyton Manning in endorsement contracts, taking in roughly $5 million per year.

Like many world-renown athletes, Bush wasn’t content to sit on a rocking chair in serene silence once he finalized his retirement from the NFL. In 2019, he signed with Fox Sports to serve as a college football analyst for the pregame show “Big Noon Kickoff.” The series saw Bush and other cohosts discussing player stats and making predictions about the upcoming season, until Bush departed the show in 2023. 

How Did Bush Get The Heisman Back?

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Despite having lost his Heisman honors in 2010, Reggie Bush was given a new opportunity to appeal the trust in 2021, after the NCAA updated their rules regarding student athlete compensation. The new regulations outlined options for players to earn money for their name and likeness, retroactively exonerating the Super Bowl winner from his 2003-2005 violations with USC. After the 2021 ruling, Bush voraciously campaigned the Heisman Trust to return his trophy, with a number of other A-list Heisman alumnus rallying for his cause.

In April, 2024, Reggie Bush’s trophy was officially returned, with the Heisman Trust stating “We are thrilled to welcome Reggie Bush back to the Heisman family in recognition of his collegiate accomplishments. We considered the enormous changes in college athletics over the last several years in deciding that now is the right time to reinstate the trophy for Reggie. We are so happy to welcome him back.”

Real Estate Holdings

Like many other athletes, Reggie Bush has utilized his money for a wide array of investments, including real estate holdings. In 2014, Bush purchased a 5 bedroom mansion in Los Angeles for over $7.5 million. He later sold the home in 2020 at a slight loss, making only $7.4 million in the sale. While still playing for the NFL, Bush also spent $5.65 million on a 9,000 square-foot home in Encino, California, which he still owns today.

All in all, Reggie Bush is said to have a $25 million net worth in 2024, allowing him the freedom and luxury to invest as he pleases. For now, the former NFL champion is still reveling in his renewed status as a Heisman trophy holder, though there’s no telling where he could pop up next.