Being open about her mistakes in love turned Reesa Teesa into an Internet sensation.

Born Teresa Johnson, the New Jersey native has had people on TikTok tuned into her 50-part series, “Who TF Did I Marry?” — millions of viewers to be exact.

Released in February 2023, the first part from the series, which details the deception and turmoil she experienced with her ex-husband, “Legion,” has 39.4 million views, as of this writing. What’s more, Reesa Teesa’s followers on TikTok jumped from 8,000 before the full series to now, 3.6 million, as of this writing.

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Reesa Teesa’s popularity skyrocketing in a short period had people online sharing theories about how much she’s pocketed from her transparency. However, in an interview with The Cut, she cleared the air on the speculation.

While social media may have believed that Reesa Teesa raked in $100,000 through TikTok’s creator fund, she revealed that she has actually pocketed less than $5,000.

Reesa Teesa also shared that since her TikTok series was released, it seemed as though companies thought she would be an easy target.

“They saw a woman who was really naïve, who made bad, bad decisions,” Reesa Teesa told The Cut. “I think on some level they were banking on, ‘Is she still dumb?’” I felt they did not take me seriously until I had to name-drop that I have an attorney.” 

Along with brands reaching out to Reesa Teesa, she has snagged company perks and had appearances on shows such as “Good Morning America” and the “Tamron Hall Show.” Additionally, her attorney believes she could earn $2 million this year and up to $4 million in 2025.

The opportunities her online fame have garnered her has been rewarding, but she is highly aware of how quickly it can all come and go. Despite her 3.6 million following and numerous interviews, Reesa Teesa remains at her 9-to-5 in law enforcement, according to the publication.

“As quickly as this has happened is as quickly as you will find yourself on your ass,” she said in her interview with The Cut. “No job, no money, no friends, because you were feeling yourself too much because you ended up on Good Morning America.”