Latosha Stone makes it known that Black girls (have and will always) skateboard.

Launched in 2013, Proper Gnar is the first Black woman-owned skateboard and streetwear company reports Black Enterprise. Inspired by Stone’s unique style, the lifestyle brand offers a variety of brightly colored apparel and accessories, including boards splashed with alternative artwork.

As of late, Proper Gnar has gained a massive amount of attention thanks to Beyoncé. The superstar musician featured the brand on Juneteenth in her Black Parade, a digital directory of Black-owned businesses.

In addition, the brand is featured on HBO’s “Betty,” a show about a group of BIPOC skater girls navigating life as young adults.

“I’m an artist, and I set out to create hand-drawn designs and bold statement pieces that aren’t just things to wear or ride on, they’re works of my art,” Stone wrote on the site’s About page. “Also, very few women skateboarders get the sponsors, attention, and support they deserve. I want to change that. I sponsor a small, but growing all girls skate team and hold skate contests and meetups.”