For over three decades, Diddy has built a legacy in the music industry. Staying true to his “Can’t stop, won’t stop” motto, the mogul hasn’t let up on both releasing music and discovering new talent.

As previously reported by AfroTech, he announced the latest level of his evolution with Love Records — his new R&B label that has partnered with Motown Records.

While Diddy has been focused on new music, he claims there are outside forces trying to invade his creative process.

Known for speaking his peace on social media, Diddy had a direct message for the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. As a longtime music executive himself, he’s against digital streaming providers (DSPs) wanting to have a say in when he releases his music.

“Yeah we gotta change the tone,” Diddy said in a video posted by HipHopDX on Twitter. “Check this out, if you work for Apple or Spotify and y’all got these rules and regulations, we gotta drop our music when you want us to drop our music — yo, I drop my music when the f-ck I want to drop my music. And y’all gonna have to catch up, it’s all good.”

He continued: “These people out here trying to control me,” Diddy said. “They trying to control us, f-ck that. I ain’t being controlled. I’m being f-cking free, I ain’t come all this way to listen to some fucking algorithm, computer rules — f-ck that.”

Diddy’s rant may possibly be tied to his Love Records announcement, which shared that he was set to release an album this summer.  The season is over and as of now, his only single this year is “Gotta Move On” featuring Bryson Tiller.

Nonetheless, Diddy wants to make it known that no one is able to interfere with his music plans.

Diddy also added: “I want to make it totally clear, if you f-ck with my sh-t, play it. If you don’t, it’s all good. You cannot stop this. You can not never, ever, ever stop this. No computers, not you not your job, not your media base — you cannot stop the feeling of the frequency never, ever, ever, on God.”

No new date for his upcoming album has been shared yet.

In June, he released “BAD BOY CELEBRATES DIDDY: The Artist.”