Damson Idris is a British actor best known for his roles in projects such as “Snowfall” and “Outside The Wire,” as well as a few other front-and-center placements in productions such as “Black Mirror.” Despite having amassed only a handful of prominent roles, Idris seems to be playing his cards right in his career, taking a real quality over quantity approach. This is evidenced by his impressive net worth, which is said to clock in at $10 million to $13 million, according to a write-up in Tuko. With under 2 dozen screen acting credits on IMDb, this nest egg is clearly an impressive feat.

But Damson Idris hasn’t amassed his entire fortune on salary alone, as he has also made a large sum off of endorsement and brand deals, his modeling career, and a few other key investments along the way. Let’s take a moment to examine the multiple streams of income developed by the 32 year old actor, and better understand how he’s developed this generational wealth in such a brief period of time.

Early Life And Career Origins

Long before Damson Idris became the acclaimed thespian he is today, the young star was born to a pair of Nigerian parents in South East London. Damson is the youngest of six, meaning he had plenty of influences in his life to help him hone his craft over the years, as he searched for his greatest passions. As a child Damson Idris was heavily into sports, joining both soccer and rugby teams in his area. While each of his older siblings have gone on to careers in stuffy corporate enterprises such as business and law, Damson opted to flex his creative muscles by taking drama courses at Brunel University.

While attending Brunel, Damson Idris networked with a number of now-iconic performers, including Cathy Tyson, Malachi Kirby, Letitia Wright, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star John Boyega. After completing his bachelor’s degree program with Brunel, Idris began acting in stage plays, making his debut on Cathy Tyson’s show “Pandora’s Box.” From there, Idris continued appearing in a multitude of plays, before seeking a rep for his television and film acting, and eventually moving on to big-screen performances.

TV And Film Career

Damson Idris holds a few small but notable screen credits on British television shows such as “Miranda,” “Doctors,” and “Casualty” from 2013 through 2015, though his real breakthrough came in the form of “Snowfall” in 2017. “Snowfall” is an FX network crime drama series created by legendary filmmaker John Singleton. The series, which centers on an ensemble of characters navigating the crack epidemic of the 1980s, sees Damson Idris taking on a leading role alongside other prominent performers such as Carter Hudson, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Isaiah John, Amin Joseph, and “21 Jump Street’s” DeRay Davis.

Beyond “Snowfall,” Damson Idris holds IMDb credits in a number of projects, such as “Megan Leavey,” “The Commuter,” “Farming,” and “Outside The Wire.” Idris also starred in an episode of the anthology series “Black Mirror” back in 2019, providing a highly emotional performance that managed to stand out even against the talented roster of “Black Mirror” alumnus. Damson Idris also had a small but incredibly significant part in the pilot episode of the Donald Glover-created series “Swarm” on Amazon Prime Video.

Modeling And Brand Deals

While most of Damson Idris’ net worth undoubtedly comes from his salary as an actor, the rising star has also managed to make a healthy chunk of change collaborating with brands as a model and spokesman. In 2023 Idris was formally appointed as the brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger. He can still be seen modeling the brand’s clothing and accessories on official Tommy Hilfiger advertisements and across his own Instagram page, which touts a following of just under 2 million users. He has also modeled for brands such as Prada and F1 racing, among a wide variety of other respected outlets.

Damson Idris has also worked with brands such as Hennessy, including a line of short advertising films developed alongside Teyana Taylor. Clearly, Idris’ stunning good looks and wicked charm are massive selling points for big brands, with many more advertising opportunities sure to come as his career continues to expand.

Other Investments And Ventures

Damson Idris has invested his money into a number of expensive luxury vehicles and a luxurious California home. Idris has been spotted whipping around LA in a number of fine cars, including a Mercedes G63 AMG, a Porsche Taycan, a Maserati Levante Trofeo, and a Bentley Flying Spur, among others. While most vehicle purchases aren’t regarded as a sound investment, these cars, if kept in good condition, can be sold or rented out at extremely high rates, making them a worthwhile buy for big spenders like Damson.

As for his home, Damson Idris purchased a 4,715 square foot property for just under $4 million back in 2021. The mansion contains 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, and is only expected to appreciate in value in the coming years. Clearly, Damson Idris has a taste for the finer things in life, but he still has a good understanding of prudent investment strategies.

Damson Idris has also transitioned into the role of a producer behind the scenes, taking on the role during the fifth and sixth seasons of “Snowfall,” and helping to navigate the series toward a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. With many avenues still opening up for the young talent, his budding career as a television and film producer will surely help to bolster his growing net worth.