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The Rise Of Stealth PTO: Understanding The Trend And Its Implications

The 2020 COVID pandemic reshaped many facets of our lives, including how we work. With enforced quarantine restrictions came more opportunities to work from home , many of which stayed in place long after the regulations eased up. This shift in workplace culture and rise of remote work has gifted many pros to the common employee, though it’s also birthed new phenomenons, including stealth PTO (Paid Time Off). This refers to employees taking time off work without formally notifying their employers. Instead, they manage their absences informally, blending their personal time with work hours in a way that goes unnoticed. Let’s explore exactly what stealth PTO is, its impact on businesses, and what its growing popularity among employees says about our workplace culture in America. What Is Stealth PTO? Stealth PTO refers to the practice in which employees take unofficial time off by leveraging flexible work arrangements, like working remotely. Unlike traditional PTO, which is documented...

Jun 12, 2024

79 Ice Breaker Questions To Warm Up Any Work Meeting

When it comes to building a healthy social ecosystem in the workplace, camaraderie amongst colleagues is a must. Beyond breakout rooms, holiday parties and company retreats , ice breakers play a fundamental role in letting your employees feel a sense of human connection. Helping coworkers get to know each other better, energize a room, and get people engaged from the start of a meeting, they’re crucial when it comes to workplace bonding. The key is choosing the right ice breaker questions, striking the balance between prompts that are meaningful enough to learn something new about your colleagues while avoiding anything too personal in a professional setting. Before kicking off your next team meeting, consider facilitating from this list of 79 best ice breaker questions sourced across a variety of categories. Getting To Know You Ice Breakers These prompts allow coworkers to share fun facts and insights about themselves and their lives outside of the office. What’s your favorite...

Apr 26, 2024

From Rejected To Major Retailers: What Happened To The Lip Bar After 'Shark Tank?'

If you’re a burgeoning business owner or hopeful entrepreneur, chances are you’re familiar with ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Premiering in 2009, the show’s premise revolves around aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their products or business ideas to a panel of potential investors, known as “sharks.” Made up of successful business moguls including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, these seasoned vets have the power to make some big dreams come true, as contestants plead for investment funds in exchange for equity in their companies. The show has been the force behind some of the industry’s most coveted products, from the Squatty Potty to the Scrub Daddy. Some products that don’t secure a deal on the show still manage to make traction, including Melissa Butler’s inclusive cosmetic brand , The Lip Bar. But what happened to The Lip Bar after “Shark Tank?” Here’s what we know. Who Is Melissa Butler? Before her appearance on “Shark Tank,” Melissa Butler was a former Wall Street financial analyst who...

Mar 29, 2024